☽ Night World KRP ☾ | Master x Slave | Supernatural Themed | MeWe Based | NEW RACE!! ELVES!! | ROSTER ADDED! (2023)

Rule One; age, trigger warnings, and consent.

—Night Worldis an adult, dark-themed roleplay. It is requiredthat all members joining beeighteen (18) or above. We do not accept face-claims under the age of eighteen (18). By applying to this roleplay, you truthfully state that you meet ourage requirement. If the admin team discovers you are not, you will be promptly removed and banned fromNight World.

—Within this roleplay we allow darker themes such as: murder, bloodshed, corruption, , and more. If darker themes like this make you uncomfortable or you feel triggered by these topics, this space might not be a good fit. Please consider this thoroughlybefore applying.

—Everything posted within Night Worldmustbe tagged with proper trigger warnings. This includes, but isnotlimited to: threads, your character's bio, out-of-character posts, and your SNSwall. We do not allow triggering images to be posted as SNS. Failure to add appropriatetrigger warnings will earnyou a strike.

—Night World does not tolerate out-of-character drama and fighting. If an issue between you and another member arises, we ask that you message the admin team so we can help take care of the issue. The out-of-character groupcan be a place to vent if you need it, but please use trigger warnings if the topic calls for them. We want this to be a safe space for all members. Please make sure to separateIC and OOC.

—Political baiting, bullying, misogyny, ism, racism, homophobia, etc. will not be tolerated. If the admin team finds you guilty of any of these offences you will bepermanentlybanned. We have a zero tolerance policy. In-character drama is always welcome as long asboth roleplayers are consenting. Remember that Night World is a place to have fun; this is anescapeand is not meant to be stressful.

Rule Two; uality, gender, , and being a slave.

—Night Worldis open to characters of all genders and uality. We give our members freedom to express their characters how they see fit in a respectful way.This means, we do not allow members to play inter, transgender, or non-binary characters unless the face-claim you are using identifies as suchin real life. We want to be respectful to the faceclaims gender identity.

—Although roleplay is a fantasy escape, the respect level in reality still remains. As misgenerding individuals can be traumatic, we wish to refrain from alterning the gender identity or of our faceclaims. If you are transgender, inter, non-binaryin real life, Night World welcomes you with open arms and will help you find faceclaims that will fit your characterization.

We will not allow .This is a hard stance we have at Night World and we mention this as some of our species are animalistic in nature. Please refrain from writing any ual threads in full animal form.

—In Night World, we have a classist system, Masters and slaves. Be warned that if you choose the life of a slave, you are giving up many rights. Please note that your character will not have the same opportunities and treatment as Masters. Some of these differences can be, but are not limited to: money, jobs, social treatment in group chats, etc. Because slaves are seen as lower than Masters, a Master will not be required to ask a slave's mun for consent to purchase them in the Slave Auction on Sundays.Slaves have no say in the matter, so please choose your status wisely when applying if this is something you wish to avoid.

—Just because your slave character may not have a big voice, that doesn't mean that you as a mun do not. If there are any instances of harassment or bullying from another member, please contact the admin team as soon as possible. We will not allow anyone, slave or Master, to treat our community with disrespect.

Rule Three; bubble roleplaying, face claim chasing, and replies.

—Our community is bright, friendly, and very welcoming, we aim to keep this environmentgoing with every new member. It is your responsibility as a current community member to welcome our new arrivals! We ask that you not only comment on their welcome post,but you should be sending new arrivals out-of-character welcome dms.This not only makes the newcomers feel welcome, but it is easier for them to reach out to you for plotting.

—While we do allow you to privately roleplay in the dms, pleaseremember that the only way to earn roleplay money is to post your threads or self-paragraphs publically. For threads, in the threads group, or self-paragaphs may be posted in the threads group or on your wall.

—We understand that some muns will have plot caps, especially if they have more than one character, but we do not tolerate bubble roleplaying. You should be reaching out to beyond the same faceclaim group or your favorite faceclaims ie faceclaim chasing. If the admin team starts to notice a recurringtheme of maintaining a bubble you will be given a warning. We want a wide variety of threads for our community so please stay away from keeping a closed group and open your character up for everyone to approach.

—Life sometimes gets in the way and replies can take longer for some to do than others. While it is okay to reach out to your roleplay partner and check-in with them, we do not tolerate pressuring or harassing another member to get to your reply. If you are having issues with not getting enough replies, you are completely within your right to wait or drop the thread. If you decide to drop a thread please message your partner and let them know. If you are on the receiving end of a dropped thread message, please meet them with understanding and be accepting of dropping the plot. Remember it is not okay to guilt anyone into keeping a thread they wish to drop.

Rule Four; activity and hiatus.

—To meet activity checks each week we require all members to makethree replies to different muses a week.These replies must be at least a paragraph (5-7 sentences minimum) to count towards activity. This also goes with receiving roleplay money when counting the number of replies made in one thread. Activity is checked by the admins every Sunday at 12:00am KST. The admin team will issue an activity warning to your dms if you have not made the three replies to different muses. New members will be exemptfrom their first activity check within the roleplay.

—If you accumulate three activity warnings in a row, you will be removed from the roleplay. You may join again after one week from your departure post if you wish to return. As an admin team the last thing we want to do is lose someone from our community, so if there are obstacles in your life that prevent you from making three replies a week, we ask that you message the admin team requesting a hiatus.

—We offer two types of hiatuses. Afull hiatus can last up to two weeks, during this period you do not need to make any replies. Our other option is asemi-hiatuswhich can last up to a month. During this period we ask that you make one reply a week. As a reminder, posting SNS pictures, changing your character's profile aesthetic, and self-paragraphsdo not count towards activity.

Rule Five; character changes, accounts.

—If you are enjoying your time in Night World and wish to bring in a new character, everyone in the roleplay can have up tofour (4)accounts if they prove to be able to handle it. You are allowed your new character afterone (1)month from your last character. During this month we look to see that you have not received any activity warnings and that your general activity is well spreadout. If you pass these three requirements: active at least one month since your last account, general activity is well spread out,andfour weeks without an activity warnings, we will grant you permission in making your second, third, or fourth account.

—No matter how many accounts you have, if your activity starts to become an issue the admin team will ask you to drop an account. We will then start your record fresh from that day if you wish for your dropped muse to return once your activity has improved.

—Upon joining if you start to become unhappy with your muse or think of a new and more exciting muse but do not wish to make a second+ account, we allow character changes aftertwo weeks.So long as you have enough character money from turning in your threads, character changes minor or major are unlimited past your first two weeks. You may purchase the Rejuvenation Potionin the Midnight Market Monday-Friday.

Rule Six; relationships, children, metagaming.

—We would like to remind our members that just because you are in a relationship, it does not save you from the Slave Auction. If you are a Master dating a slave, you will have to abide by the rules of the Slave Auction and bid or buyout your slave partner to own them. Beware that any other Master can choose to try and steal your slave at any point during a Slave Auction. To avoid stealing, there are items for purchase in the Midnight Market.

—If two characters wish to become engaged, they must be public with their relationship for one month. If an engaged couple wish to wed, they must be engaged for at least two weeks before getting married. If an engaged couple wishes to call off the engagement, they can do so after one week of being engaged. If a marriage is not working out, a couple can divorce after twoweeks of marriage. Promise (engagement) rings, wedding rings, broken promises, and divorce papers can all be purchased through the Midnight Market.

—We allow all roleplayers to have a maximum of three (3)children in the roleplay. This includes any children included in bios when joining. To become pregnant when in Night World, regardless of your character's , you must purchase Draconian's Bloodfrom the Midnight Market. We allow bothmpregandlpreg. The child must be the race and subspecies of one of the parents. We do not allow hybrids. All pregnancies lastone monthin real-time, and while you are allowed to roleplay the birth, we ask that you carefully tag them. If you choose to participate in an mpreg roleplay, please be aware that the delivery will be by c-section.

—God-modding or meta-gaming is not allowed within Night World. God-modding or meta-gaming is when someone takes control of the character they are roleplaying with. This includes what they are thinking, feeling, or doing. As we do have some races with telepathic abilities we ask that you message your partner and discuss it beforehand. This way it will avoid god or meta-gaming and frustration of feeling like someone is overstepping their rights with your muse.

Rule Seven; lore, face claims and departure.

—Night World is a lore-driven supernatural roleplay. The admin team has worked very hard on world building that is well thought out and detailed, yet leaves room for our members to interpret the lore in their own way and build on it with their characters. With that we ask that you pleaseread through our race carrd thoroughly.A lot of thought, time, and effort has been put into these races and subspecies and the admins can tell in an application if someone has or has not read them.

—To avoid any claims of being "all powerful" we have included a list of powers and weaknesses. If we find that your muse has powers they should not have, the admin team will send out a message explaining why your listed power does not work and will ask you to re-read your character's subspecies carrd again.

—Although we hate to see members leaving our community, we understand that real life comes before roleplaying. If you wish to depart from Night World we ask that you message the admin team letting us know of your departure from the roleplay. We ask that you do not remove yourself from any group or delete your MeWe account so that members have enough time to collect their threads with you to turn in as dropped threads. If you remove yourself from the groups or delete your MeWeaccount we will bar you from returning and your aff or tumblr name will be added to the list of those unwelcome within Night World. If you follow these rules and wish to return to Night World as the same muse or someone new, you may do so afterone (1)week from your announced departure.

—Night World is based inSeoul, South Korea— a majority of muses will be from Korean Entertainment as this is a KRP. That being said, we recognize that South Korea is home to those who are not Korean as well. In order to keep our ratio in a realistic balance, we allowfive (5)western market faceclaims at one time in Night World. We allow and unlimited amount of asian market facelaims fromKorea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, etc.If you are interested in bringing in a western market faceclaim you can check our counter down below labeledUpdates.

—Before applying, make sure you check out ourbanned listand themasterlist. You cannot apply for a faceclaim already taken, as we do not allow doppelgängers, orfor someone who is on our banned list. We do allow twins so long as the twins have different styles and their dps are different making them easily identifiable to the admins. P*ssw*rd is your favorite color. If you are unsure of what face you would like to use, we also have awishlist.

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