11 Biggest hits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive (2023)

Soloists or groups - when it comes to K-pop female artists' performances, they have undoubtedly delivered some super megahits. Read on to find some of the biggest hits by K-pop's leading women!

Written by Anubhuti Mishra | Updated on Nov 17, 2022 | 05:13 PM IST | 1.9M

11 Biggest hits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive (1)

11 Biggest megahits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive

It is 2022, and in no way are women shy of expressing their talents, irrespective of the field and career. And the music industry is one such example of their powerful presence. From woman soloists or girl groups debuts to impressive comebacks - K-pop female artists have been impressively ruling the Korean music industry and the Billboard charts while winning awards, trophies, and the hearts of their millions of crazily loyal fans worldwide!

With millions of views on their YouTube music videos, these K-pop women artists have unquestionably released some of the biggest hits this year. So, here is a curated list of 11of the best music videos that K-pop’s leading ladies have given us this year, proving that women are truly ruling!

Let's get grooving!

11Biggest hits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive

1. Pink Venom by BLACKPINK

The title track, Pink Venom, by K-pop girl band BLACKPINK, of their long-awaited comeback album, BORN PINK, took over the charts with YouTube music video views quickly soaring into the hundreds of Millions. BLACKPINK did not disappoint the viewers with this album and went on to create history by becoming the first K-pop female artist group whose album surpassed one Million first-day orders.

"Come and give me all the smoke

like I'm so rock and roll"

2. Talk That Talk by TWICE

Even after three weeks of the release of the latest comeback track, Talk That Talk, by K-pop girl group TWICE, the music video is (to date) smashing records. This new album was the group's second album that maintained its rank at the top spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart. Additionally, they are the only K-pop female artist band to have two of their albums achieving this triumph so far, making them iconic!

"Tell me what you want, tell me what you need"

3. After Like by IVE

K-pop female artist group IVE has been ruling the Billboard charts and iCharts with their music video releases, ever since their debut, including their most recent groovy soundtrack - After LIKE. The song won this K-pop girl group their very first Perfect All-Kill (or PAK). Plus, this song even garnered a whooping nine music show trophies to IVE's name. Furthermore, IVE also had the 3rd highest first-day sales that any K-pop female artist had ever recorded - which is way-way-way more admirable when you consider the fact that they are still newbies or rookies!

"You and I

It's more than 'like'

(Video) 11 Biggest hits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive #top#fact#knowledge #blackpink

What's after 'like'?

What's after 'like'?"

4. POP! by TWICE’s Nayeon

POP! by the K-pop band TWICE’s female artist Nayeon exceeded 100 Million YouTube views on the music video. K-pop girl group TWICE's member Nayeon really made a truly remarkable splash with her solo debut song, which garnered her a (music show) triple crown by winning five music show wins. Moreover, IM NAYEON, her mini album, broke all the records left, right, and center - actually popping into the hearts of her fans!

"(Let's start) play it

(Won't stop) shake it

Baby, baby, you're out of control

So you're under my control"

5. FOREVER 1 by Girls’ Generation

The return of Girls’ Generation, the legendary K-pop girl band, has completely cemented the fact that women are in the entertainment industry to rule like Queens! For the first time in five years, this K-pop female artist band made a full-group comeback with their banging album FOREVER 1 and instantly hit the topmost spot on iTunes charts in several countries all across the world. Seeing all their eight members back and performing together made their fans worldwide full of nostalgic emotions.

"Girls, we are forever (yeah, we are, we're still forever one)

It's now or never (we keep on, we're still forever one)

Yeah, we're forever (yeah, we are, we're still forever one)"


LE SSERAFIM is HYBE’s first-ever girl group and is actually an anagram for I’m fearless. This K-pop female artist group LE SSERAFIM made their debut with FEARLESS. And, man, they really did make a worldwide splash with this first mini album. FEARLESS accumulated four wins while hitting over 100 Million views within a couple of months of its release. Amidst celebrating their victorious song, they also confirmed prepping for their first comeback. So fans, you better sleep with one eye open while keeping another eye out for more great music from them!

"What you lookin' at? what you, what you lookin' at?


I'm fearless, a new bitch, new crazy"


There is no denying that K-pop female artist (G)I-DLE’s latest comeback release TOMBOY was all that viewers would talk about. While the album I NEVER DIE swept the iTunes charts by storm, this music video impressively garnered eight music show wins. What's even more exciting is that they have also been prepping for another megahit comeback!

"Your mom raised you as a prince

But this is queendom, right?

I like dancing, I love my friends

Sometimes we swear without cigarettes

I like to eh, on drinking whiskey

I won't change it, what the hell?"

8. Shut Down by BLACKPINK

Shut Down by K-pop female artist band BLACKPINK is another title track of their album BORN PINK that made their fans go gaga, making the YouTube music video views quickly soar to Millions. This album itself became the first K-pop girl group album to cross one Million first-day orders in history!

"Praying for my downfall, many have tried, baby

Catch me when you hear my Lamborghini

Go, vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom"

9. Hype Boy and Attention by NewJeans

(Video) How people see the members in kpop groups #kpop

With their first mini album New Jeans, K-pop female artist HYBE’s second girl group NewJeans accumulated their highest (and biggest) first-day and first-week sales - that any K-pop female group's debut album has achieved. Shattering all the records from the very first day of its release, they also reached the most increased number of pre-orders for a female group debut. It is not wrong to say that this K-pop female-ledgroup NewJeans was making massive waves before they even hit the live performance stage!

10. Girls by Aespa

Aespa has really been killing the K-pop scene ever since its debut. Girls by K-pop female artist band Aespa became their fourth music video album to surpass 100 Million views. Their mini album, Girls, made history when it became one of the best-selling K-pop girl group albums (of all time) in August - a highly remarkable achievement indeed. Wait, there is more. Just like a cherry on top of an exotically delicious cake - Aespa was also one of the fastest K-pop female bands to enter the Top 3 rank of Billboard 200!

"We them girls, we them girls, we them girls (yo)

(bow down), (my skill)

(say wow), we coming"

11. Sneakers by ITZY

The music video of Sneakers by K-pop girl band ITZY surpassed 100 Million views in only a month after its release. To add on to this female artist group's achievements, this electronic song by ITZY also went on to win their third music show trophy! Moreover, this K-pop song is also one of the most danced songs, and numerous fans have traced their steps on this pop track making innumerable reels on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok.

"Yeah, yeah

Let's go, like what?

Don't need no guidance, I'm makin' my way

I'm on my way up (top-top)"

Wrapping Up

The numbers definitely do not lie when it comes to the massive fan following, outstanding performances, and super impressive hits given by none other than our highly beloved K-pop female artists- either girl gangsor soloists!

Shoutout to all the boss ladies who are making it big and slaying their way to becoming Queensregardless of their work domain!

Who is your favorite K-pop female artist? Which girl group song do you love listening to?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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Who is the No.1 female Korean singer?
Kim Taeyeon, or Taeyeon, is the No.1 K-pop female singer.
Which K-pop female is the most popular?
BlackPink is the most popular K-pop woman group globally.
Who is the most successful K-pop female artist?
Blackpink's Lisa is the most successful K-pop female artist. She is also known to have the best style.
Who is the most popular female solo artist in K-pop?
IU is the most popular female solo artist in K-pop and is also considered Korea's best soloist.
Who is the Queen of K-pop?
Kim Ji-soo, a South Korean singer and actress, is the Queen of K-pop.
Who is the beautiful girl in K-pop 2022?
Twice's Sana, Aespa's Karina, IVE's Jang Wonyoung, Itzy's Yeji, and all four members of Blackpink are amongst the most beautiful girls in K-pop.
Who is the most successful K-Pop female idol in 2022?
Blackpink's Jennie is the most successful K-Pop female idol in 2022.
Who is the best K-pop female dancer?
BoA, Momo (TWICE), Yeji (ITZY), Hyoyeon (SNSD), HyunA, and Seungyeon (CLC) are amongst the best K-pop female dancers.

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11 Biggest hits by K-pop female artists that are simply impressive (11)

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